Easy & Exciting Online Baccarat

Maybe you’ve never played online Baccarat or its land-based equivalent. Or perhaps you’re a dab hand at this classic casino game and can’t wait to be able to access it all the time. Whatever the case, Big Dollar Casino has exactly what you’re looking for!

Free Games and Real Money Rewards

Real money Baccarat has been a hot ticket as far as casino players go for 600+ years now. It is believed to have been invented in Italy in the 1400s, so when you load up the game at Big Dollar Casino, you’ll be joining a proud tradition that’s many centuries in the making.

And we’re willing to bet that it won’t take long for you to discover how casino Baccarat has stayed in the mix all this time, and why characters both invented, like James Bond, and real, like the many celebrities who favour it today, enjoy it as much as they do.

Learning online Baccarat is as easy as pie at Big Dollar Casino, too, since we offer free versions of the game for you to practice with. This way you don’t have to even think about betting until you’re good and ready and can enjoy Baccarat for real money to its fullest extent.

Baccarat Basics

There are three wagering options when it comes to Baccarat for real money. There are two hands, the Player’s and the Banker’s, but these have nothing to do with you or Big Dollar Casino. That’s just what they’re called. You need to predict which one will end up with a score of nine points or as close to that as possible, or whether the two hands will tie.

With just three outcomes to bet on, your chances of seeing a return when you play online Baccarat are that much better!

All numbered cards are worth their face value, face cards are worth 10 points each, and Aces are worth one. There’s a slightly tricky aspect to calculating hand totals for casino Baccarat, however: If the cards in either hand enter a double-digit total, the left-hand digit is dropped. So, in the case of a 7 and an 8 being dealt, the point total will be 5, not 15.

There are some complex rules as to how many cards get dealt that you can learn over time if you want to, but when you’re playing online Baccarat at Big Dollar Casino, RNG software takes care of this aspect in virtual games and the dealer does what’s required in live ones.

The Possible Payouts

If you wager that the Player hand will win and it ends up doing so, you’ll get paid out at odds of 1:1, so you’ll double your bet in a real money Baccarat game.

If you do this for the Banker and it’s correct, the payout is 0.95:1, because the house takes a commission if this happens. This rule is in place because this outcome is the most likely.

If you wager on a Tie occurring and this is the result, you will collect winnings at 8:1. This increased payout is linked to how often this outcome occurs, however. It’s the least likely game result but may well be worth the risk since its reward is so inflated!

Now that you have a handle on the basics, it’s time to play online Baccarat and have a good time.